About Us

Using modern technology to build vehicles with emotion


Customs Factory is a Digital manufacturing company redefining the way vehicles are designed, engineered and produced. Customs Factory was founded in 2009 and specializes in concept and electric vehicle engineering, low volume manufacturing, large scale machining, and composites tooling and part production. 

At Customs factory, we combine our practical expertise with process driven manufacturing to ensure build quality. We use CAD/CAM and generative design to rapid prototype, test and manufacture limited volume and coach built vehicles without the need for industry level resources or massive tooling budgets..

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We build dreams

Customs factory offers engineering and manufacturing services for all kinds of transportation and architectural projects. We are a team of engineers and builders with the facilities and tools to go from sketch to reality quickly and efficiently.  We come up with innovative solutions to meet your needs, and our manufacturing process allows us to build to a high-quality standard.

Customs Factory is capable of executing a project from the ground up or picking them at any stage of production. From the Style and Surfacing to the actual product development and the creation of functioning prototypes, up to battery and EV production to sales and aftersales, rest assured to count with our full support along the way.

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It all starts with a concept.  From there we move to CAS design and modeling, which we can either produce in-house or rely on one of our professional partners, depending on your project’s specifications and needs. Whether it is for the exteriors, interiors of the body, colors or trim designs, we make sure that every curve and shape will serve a practical purpose to achieve the best possible performance and speed.

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Customs Factory has over a decade of experience in both chassis and body engineering. From traditional tube chassis to carbon tubs, and fiberglass to carbon fiber prepreg bodies in white, we can do it all.  We can integrate the best engines available and pair it with the right powertrain, be it gasoline, hybrid or fully-electrical. Same goes with the choice of the drive line, cooling and braking systems, HVAC, intake & exhausts and much more. In addition to vehicle chassis and body design we specialize in custom interior and exterior trims, body parts, suspensions and wire harnesses allowing us to make vehicles from scratch.

Since 2009, we have been involved with vehicle electrification. Our EV solutions include component integration, HV and LV system design and production, harnesses, battery box design and manufacturing.

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Customs Factory matches our large in house manufacturing capabilities with a network of manufacturing partners capable of making high-quality custom components to satisfy any need. This allows us to assemble fully-functioning units in less time than our competitors.  Additionally, it helps make the production phase even more efficient.


Customs Factory’s building methods are particularly versatile, enabling us to optimize and adapt every factor of the manufacturing process to the specific requirements of each project.

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From generative design to rapid prototype, we manufacture limited volume and coach built vehicles without the need for industry level resources or massive tooling budgets